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Duo Mesh Doors

Retractable Screens for
Duo Mesh Doors

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Duo Fly Screen to Court Yard

Duo Door Fly Screen To Backyard

Retractable Screen Company Duo Mesh for doors and windows is a clever combination of our pleated insect screen and a honeycomb fabric.

The screen comes in two parts.  One side is fitted with our semi transparent pleated insect mesh.  The other side has a honeycomb pleated fabric.  Both sides retract into a side cartridge so they are invisible when not in use.

This type of screen enables you to:

  • pull the pleated insect screen mesh across the whole space to keep out insects.
  • pull the honeycomb fabric across the whole space to keep out sun and insects.
  • have part insect screen and part honeycomb fabric visible.
  • have no screens visible when insects and sun are not a problem.

Our pleated insect screen has been designed to provide maximum view and ventilation.  It is a durable, 20mm pleated polyester mesh.

The honeycomb screen section is simple and elegant.  It is made of a light weight polyester fibre that filters natural light and blocks out UV rays.  Due to the unique hexagonal shaped cells which hold still air in the pockets, the screen also has insulation properties. The cell size is 20mm.



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Duo Mesh Door - Retractable Screens

As with our traditional retractable insect screens, the Duo does not have a tensioned spring or a counter balance mechanism.  It can be moved as fast or as slow as you like without the risk of the screen slipping out of your hand and fully retracting.  This feature eliminates the need for a brake to be fitted to the screen making it safe and easy to operate even for children. The screen can stop at any position along the opening.

The system uses a series of Kevlar cords that tension the pleated mesh and honeycomb fibre.  The cords assist in the motion of the screen making it smooth and easy to operate and resist blow out in windy conditions.

The Duo is suitable for small or large openings, up to 2.4m in height and 2.4m in width.

Duos are suitable for recess mount applications inside the door frame or face mounting using various build-out adaptors.

Summary of features:

Polyester flyscreen with 20mm pleats

Lightweight polyester fibre with 20mm pleats

Fibre section provides UV blockout and allows filtered light

Sturdy construction

No springs or counter balances

Smooth and easy to open and close

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