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Most frequent questions and answers

Due to the unique tensioning system, our screen can stop at any position. There are no braking systems or excessive force required to operate or stop our screens.

Yes, but you must make this choice when placing the order.

Yes, new mesh can be made to the exact size originally supplied.

Not really, it is recommended that the mesh be fitted by us.

Use a feather duster or soft dry sponge and wipe the mesh in a vertical direction. Cleaning can also be achieved using a light detergent and water mixture but can be messy.

Our screens offer superior insect protection and have been specifically designed for use with windows, doors or large openings. No insect screen is totally insect- proof.

Simply open and close the door fully 1-2 times and the mesh will realign itself back into position.

No, our screens are custom-manufactured to suit each installation.

It is recommended that a professional tradesman installs the screen.

Our recommendation is to install the screen at the final stage of the project or renovation.

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